Be aware of risks, protect your credentials, and prevent disaster.

Dark Web Monitoring

Be notified if your credentials are being sold online.

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is World Wide Web content that is not indexed by search engines and is only accessible with specific software or host authorization. The content that exists on the Dark Web ranges from books, media, and blogs to bitcoin services, gambling, and illegal marketplaces. It is here that stolen company and client information is often sold online.

How can we help?

Compu-SOLVE's Dark Web Monitoring solution combines human and sophisticated intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyze and proactively monitor for your organization’s compromised or stolen employee and customer data. When compromises associated with your users’ credentials are discovered we will work with you to provide protection assistance.

Security Awareness Training

Empower your team to work safely.

Why does good security awareness matter?

Cybercriminals target organizations through their end users, often using information shared on social media and other locations online to gain their trust. When individuals unwittingly click phishing links, open malware attachments, or give up credentials and other sensitive information, cybercriminals can bypass existing layers of security to successfully breach personal and company networks. Compu-SOLVE offers a solution that delivers the right security and cyber-awareness training to those who need it most to stop breaches and minimize the security impact of human errors.

No time to keep track of employee training?

Not all organizations have the time or resources to effectively deliver training and track results. Compu-SOLVE can deliver training to end users via our training portal and create phishing campaigns targeted to your organization to ensure that individuals that need the most attention are identified.

Password Management

Security starts and ends with you.

Proper password hygiene requires:

  • Complex pass phrases made up of 16 or more characters
  • Combinations of numbers, upper and lower case characters, symbols
  • A unique password for each instance and account
  • Regular randomization
  • No password storage in phones, spreadsheets, or note pads

Easy right? Of course not. How can you possibly remember these? At Compu-SOLVE, we provide users with a secure location to manage both corporate and personal passwords, with multiple encryption techniques, multi-factor authentication, and audited access.

Vulnerability & Breach Detection

Pinpoint weaknesses before it's too late.

Prioritizing the remediation of threats and vulnerabilities

Our systems scan your network in search of vulnerabilities that may lead to areas of compromise. An overall risk assessment of the network is initially created and is used as a baseline to compare with future assessments, ensuring that the network trend presents a lowering risk. This solution validates patching processes ensuring compliance, and protecting the company, client, and employee data.

If a malware "foothold" or potential breach is discovered, a ticket is automatically created for our services team to manage the threat.

Data Auditing & Protection

Stay on top of the game.

Gain comprehensive insight:

  • Detect suspicious user behaviour in time to prevent a breach
  • Automatically remove all rights to read or modify sensitive data from global access groups
  • See who has access to sensitive data and how they received access
  • Redact unrequired sensitive content from business documents
  • Review all changes made to Active Directory and Group Policy
  • Receive alerts on threat patterns enabling you to respond in minutes to critical activity
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